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December 1, 2017 Rest in Peace Howard F. Yerges

Today’s post celebrates the day that Howard F. Yerges went to rest in peace. Howard Frederick Yerges, Jr. died on this date in 2000 at the age of seventy-five.  He played quarterback for Fritz Crisler from 1944 to 1947. However,  that’s not all he did. Let’s find out more ...

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November 30, 2017 Happy Birthday Ricky Powers!

Today is a great day to celebrate a Happy Birthday anniversary of Michigan Man Ricky Powers. Richard “Ricky” Powers was born on this day in Akron, Ohio. He grew up in Akron and became an outstanding athlete at Buchtel High School. When it was time to think about college, ...

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November 29, 2017 Rest in Peace Mervin “Merv” Pregulman

Today’s post is dedicated to the memory of a Wolverine great named Mervin “Merv” Pregulman.  Mr. Pregulman went to rest in peace on this date in 2012. He was ninety years old at the time of his death. I am certain that Merv Pregulman had a rich, full life ...

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November 28, 1931 Smallest Crowd Ever at Michigan Stadium.

On November 28, 1931, the Michigan Wolverines hosted Wisconsin in front of the smallest crowd ever at Michigan Stadium.  If you can believe it, only 9,190 people showed up to watch the final game of the 1931 Wolverine Football season. Yes, you read that correctly, it was the first, ...

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November 27, 2017 Happy Birthday Jon Runyan

Today is a great day to wish a Happy Birthday to Michigan Man Jon Runyan.  According to the Wikipedia article linked below, Jon Daniel Runyan was born on this day at Flint, Michigan. Jon grew up to be an outstanding athlete at Carmen-Ainsworth High School. In fact, Jon earned ...

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November 26, 1891 Season of Firsts

November 26, 1891 was the last game of a memorable season in Michigan Football History because it was the last game of the Season of Firsts. In fact, it was a season of many, many Michigan Football “firsts.” Let’s go way, way, way back in Wolverine Football History (126 ...

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November 25, 2017 Game Day Michigan vs Ohio State

Today is another chapter in the Michigan vs Ohio State rivalry. No other rivalry in sports history  is called “The Game.” That’s because Michigan vs Ohio State is special, it is really special. Once again, this year’s game, like so many others before it, has a Big Ten Championship ...

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November 23, 1985 History at the Big House!

November 23, 1985 was another day when the Wolverines made history at the Big House. This is another historic day in Michigan Football History for two BIG reasons. First, it was the first game in Michigan Football History that started at 3:30 pm. Second, because the game would end ...

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November 22, 1969 – Bo’s Biggest Win!

Today’s post takes us back to November 22, 1969 – the day of Bo’s biggest win at Michigan. Bo Schembechler won 194 games at Michigan, but his first victory over Ohio State was the biggest win of his career. Let’s find out why Coach Schembechler felt that way. The ...

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